Friday, October 16, 2009


How many ACTUAL Firemen and Ambulance{EMT'S,etc.} people.....does the town of Wilmington REALLY....have!? I would think at the outmost.....maybe 50? Why is it then that.... MOST of them and their family members.... feel that not only the ACTUAL man or women that is doing the ACTUAL calls....should be entitled to the benefits that the Firemen, EMT'S,etc. get but all of the family, should as well?
One example.... Comp. tickets to ski or board at Whiteface....for the whole family of the Firemen,EMT'S,etc.?!?!?! What is the basis for this entitlement?

Another beef on this subject is.... Why.... if there are only about 50 or so ACTUAL Firemen, does Wilmington sponsor a benefit banquet for NOT only them but....their spouses, children, outside people.... from other fire departments, Honorary and past members of our Department,etc.?! SO now...the total that really should have been a lot less has somehow, mangaged to be up to about 200 or so....on the tax-payers dime! Don't misunderstand me. I am ALL for honoring the Fire department, EMT'S,etc. All that they stand for and their devotion to our community is wonderful and I am grateful that we have them. But really.....don't you think that we are being "taken" a bit too far with the above issues? {And I'm sure that there are probably more}I can see including passes for Whiteface and to the Banquet for our Firemen,EMT'S, Honories,etc. andTHEIR SPOUSES but, in my humble opinion....that is where that the line should be drawn.